What We Do


We usually hold readthroughs and auditions the week before the previous show opens, so that it can be cast and rehearsals can start as soon as the previous show has finished (usually every 3-4 months). Come along to hear the play and decide whether you want to be involved and which character takes your fancy; you can just listen to others or you can take part yourself.

Auditions are open to all - if you are cast for a performance but are not a current member, then you will need to join our society before rehearsals begin.


We encourage members to suggest plays they would like to direct. Contact any member of the committee or write to the secretary, preferably with a plan of direction and your comments on which time of the year would suit you best, and the committee then vote on applications (although they rarely turn one down!)

New directors may be asked to start with a one-act play, or be assigned a co-director/ production assistant who will help and advise. Don't be put off by this - assistance with administrative or technical matters will make your job much easier!

Stage Management

The stage manager runs the show during the week of performance. As a newcomer, you would start as an assistant stage manager, prompt, props or backstage hand, which will help you to gain an insight into what stage management involves.

Set Design, Construction or Painting & Set Dressing

Sets are sometimes designed by the director, or worked out between the director, committee stage manager or someone else with experience of set design. It must be possible to build the set within the limited space and facilities we have. It helps if you have some DIY experience, but unskilled help is also useful and welcome. Set painting/dressing is similar to normal domestic interior design, and can be great fun.


We use costumes either from our own wardrobe, hire them, or make them. You do not need to be an expert dressmaker - help is always appreciated.


We have a small range of stage properties (props) available for use on stage, but most productions need things to be specially made or acquired - you could help with either.

Most productions also need a person to manage the props during each performance.

Lighting and sound

We are constantly developing our systems and currently have a computerised lighting board and a mini-disc sound system. Those with experience can help to design lighting or rig the lamps, and training can be given to those who wish to learn. Every production also needs someone to run the lighting board - again, we'll show you how.

Similarly with sound, running the sound system during a performance is easy once you've been shown how to do it.

Front of House

'Front of house' involves showing patrons to their seats, selling programmes, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of the audience and offering them general assistance. We welcome volunteers, and will give you any training you need for this very responsible job.

Publicity and Marketing

This ranges from designing posters to getting them displayed; from producing programmes to arranging radio interviews; from soliciting advertisers for support, to dropping leaflets through letterboxes.

Social Activities

There is a varied programme of social events - quizzes, parties, theatre visits, etc which we hope you will support and enjoy. We are always open to new ideas and offers of help in organising events.