Coming Next to the Village Theatre



Written by Marc Camoletti

Directed by Alan Heggs

4th to 7th of October 2017   

BOEING BOEING is a fabulously frenetic farce in the true slapstick tradition.

In this version, Bernard, an English playboy in Paris has three fiancées, all stewardesses; Gloria, an American, Gretchen, a German, and Gabriella an Italian. He manages to entertain all three on a rotating schedule until the airlines speed up their flying times and the stewardess’s cross paths in his apartment. There’s much slamming of doors and many narrow escapes.

All this is overseen by Bertha, his long-suffering French housekeeper and Robert, his old-school chum.


Our Diary


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2018 - April 24th - 27th - When The Lights Go On Again - Directed by Fiona Ball

2018 - July 25th - 28th - Strawberry Blancmange - Written and Directed by Mike Blasdale