Coming Next to the Village Theatre



Directed by Wayne Jennings

21st to 27th of January 2018   

"Ahoy there, me hearties! Ready for some adventure?

Then heave to, hoist the jolly Roger and plunder that treasure!"

This is the swashbuckling tale of skullduggery upon the high seas, and treasure on a desert island. Come and see this true panto version of the sea-faring classic, with all the time-honoured ingredients of traditional pantomime, but a modern slant on the storyline, comedy and characters.

So climb aboard for this fun-filled adventure and prepare to set sail for the voyage of a lifetime!

"But as for that treasure.......well, sharing ain't my way, see? ‘T’is every man for ’imself, by thunder!”


Our Diary


2018 - January 21st - 28th - Treasure Island - Directed by Wayne Jennings

2018 - April 24th - 27th - When The Lights Go On Again - Directed by Fiona Ball